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The collection of Michael Jackson – Off the wall!


On a recent trip to LA I was delighted to hear that the auction of Michael Jackson’s personal memorabilia had been cancelled but would still be exhibited. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see iconic pieces from Michael’s career and Neverland Ranch. Thus I found myself spending a pretty surreal Saturday wandering around a staggering array of life sized superheroes, replica castles, Disneyana (nice to know that word exists) and lots of custom made pieces from MJ’s estate including a Peter Pan emblazoned golf buggy and Neverland Ranch bespoke Fire Engine.


The Best Golf Buggy ever....


A classic piece of Disneyana

MJ's Best Fan

The fans at the Exhibition were equally as fabulous as the exhibits....


The Throne

One Glove

The Glove

It was mesmerizing to see all of the iconic emblems so synonymous with MJ. The twinkling white jewelled glove, numerous medallions, the incredibly ornate costumes. One of my favourite pieces was the giant supersized black lego Darth Vader. It stood at seven feet tall and breathed heavily in between reciting eight different lines of dialogue from the film. Darth Vader illuminated with a red light sabre, kind of genius.

Darth Lego

" you have failed me for the last time"

I did feel a little like it was more of an expose than an exhibition and I guess since the items were intended to sell and not exhibit the same care was not taken in selecting the pieces for display as with a usual exhibition. It also felt strange seeing so many personal effects of someone who is still alive, the scale of the display had an eerie posthumous feel. That said I am glad MJ is very much alive and going back on stage and that all his belongings will be returned to Neverland Ranch where they belong.